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May 2, 2014

Results of the Montana Beer Blind Tasting

Over 60 beer lovers tried the "Montana Beer Blind Tasting" at The Rhino earlier this week! ONLY ONE PERSON GUESSED ALL FOUR BEERS!

Congrats to Brian K. for knowing that the four beers were:
Big Sky Brewing Company Pygmy Owl IPA
Draught Works Brewery Clothing Optional Pale Ale
Bayern Brewing Inc. Maibock
Kettlehouse Brewing Company Joe Smoke (Coffee-infused Cold Smoke)

Lots of people got 3/4 correct...

Brian gets a cool Meriwether growler carrier and swag!

Interestingly, the most commonly guessed "incorrect" beer was Wildwood Brewing's Karapiller Red Lager. Some of you chose that in place of the maibock and some in place of the pale ale.

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