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Apr 24, 2014

Thirst Gear Booking Three Educational Tours for MCBW

Gold-level sponsor, Thirst Gear, a 15-seat "pedal pub," is hosting three unique, fun, and educational tours next week during its Missoula debut at Missoula Craft Beer Week. Each three-hour tour provides a behind-the-scenes look into the city's craft beer scene, an expert tour and tasting guide, and two beers "on the house." All tours are scheduled for 3 - 6 p.m. 

Profits from each tour are donated to Missoula Craft Beer Week!

Monday April 28 - "Know Your Hops" - Join Jared Robinson from Summer Sun Garden & Brew for a "nose on" tour that educates you about hop varieties and get a taste of hop-forward beers. The tour includes a stop at the Kettlehouse Southside location for a special beer poured through their Randall

Tuesday April 29 - "How Beer is Made" - Ride along with Mike Howard, owner/brewer for Missoula's upcoming brewery, Great Burn Brewing Co. and find out first-hand how commercial craft beers are made. Stops include Draught Works, Kettlehouse, and Bayern. 

Wednesday April 30 - "How to Taste Beer" - One of Missoula's most knowledgeable "beer guys" is Mark Waiss, a Certified Cicerone and craft beer expert at Summit Distributing. Mark has taught hundreds of people the proper techniques for getting the most out of each glass of craft beer. He'll cover why proper glassware is important, what to look for in each style, what off-flavors might pop up, and how to speak the "beer talk." 

Book now for these tours/classes on $35 per seat. 

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