About Missoula Craft Beer Week

Missoula Craft Beer Week is a joint effort of Growler Fills - Craft Beer Enthusiasm, and Montana Beer Finder to promote the Garden City and its thriving craft beer culture.  Our goal is to provide an array of fun, educational and entertaining events that appeal to the craft beer explorer.  Whether you're new in your craft beer journey, or a long-time pioneer, we invite you to explore everything Missoula Craft Beer Week has to offer.

Growler Fills - Craft Beer Enthusiasm

Growler Fills is Craft Beer Enthusiasm:  Beer News, Education, Discussion, Events, Beer Runners, Homebrewing and much more.  Growler Fills serves as a primary destination for Montana specific craft beer news, events and information, but its topics, outreach and audience are far broader.  Beer is social. Beer is fun. Beer is easy to explore.  Growler Fills - Craft Beer Enthusiasm can be found on the web, twitter, facebook, and untappd.

Montana Beer Finder

The Montana Beer Finder blog is a collaborative effort to provide one place where beer lovers can find information about beer in Montana — including news, events, beer bars, and more. It is written by independent beer drinkers who are proud to live in a state that has such a vibrant brewing community and deep history in beer. Like you, they like good beer, love Montana and write to help you find all the good beer throughout the state of Montana. Find Montana Beer Finder on the webFacebook and Twitter

Special thanks also goes to:

Thurston Elfstrom, our web designer and fellow Missoula craft beer lover.

Missoula Independent, and their graphic designer Pumpernickel Stewart, for the great Missoula Craft Beer Week logo.